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Amy Lawson

Hello, my name is Amy Lawson and I am the Art teacher at Jefferson Elementary School!




On this site, I plan to post student samples of projects we are creating.  Please keep checking back regularly to see what our Jeffypup Artists are up to in Art!



Students in grades 2-5 began the year with a fun back-to-school lesson where they were able to design their own lunch box.  Then they got to fill that box with a good lunch – their choice of course!  Their lunch needed to include some protein, a fruit and/or vegetable, a beverage, a snack and a dessert.  Below is a sampling of 4th grade Jeffypup Artists’ boxes and their lunches.  Be sure to come in and check out what everyone else is “Having for Lunch”!











To celebrate Freedom Week, the 1st and 2nd grade Jeffypup Art Students Reflected on Grant Wood’s painting “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere”.  The drawings below show what the students liked the best about this painting.






Amy Lawson

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